The Andalusian Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production (IFAPA) is a public body integrated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Andalusia. This Institute was created to meet the demands of the agriculture, fishing, aquatic and food industries of Andalusia.

The IFAPA aims to be an instrument that operates flexibly and efficiently, is realistic and practical in its action programmes and committed to boosting research, technical innovation and training in the agricultural, fishing and food industry context. IFAPA Creation Law: Law 1/2003 of 10th April (BOJA no. 83 of 05/May/03).

It has had considerable human capital since its creation. Their level of qualification and motivation allows it to adequately meet the needs and demands of the Andalusian agro-food and fishing industry. The IFAPA consists of 1091 workers, of which 438 carry out Research and Technical work whilst 653 provide Support Services. The activity of the scientific and technical staff assigned to the department due to execute the project focuses on the execution of a wide range of pre-competitive and competitive projects and experimentation, training and technology transfer actions included in the regional, national and European programmes, well-executed by groups from different IFAPA Centres or carried out in collaboration with other public and private, national and international, R+D institutions.

On the part of the IFAPA, the team that forms part of this proposal includes agents who participate actively in the implementation of the CAP on a regional level through its inclusion in the Work Groups for the execution of Andalusia's Rural Development Plan (PDR).

In recent years, the IFAPA has participated actively in the Life Programme through the Life08 ENV/E/000129, Life+11 ENV/ES/641 and Life+11 BIO/ES/000726 projects.

More information in www.juntadeandalucia.es/agriculturaypesca/ifapa/web