The European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) comprises fifteen national associations which promote conservation agriculture amongst European farmers for better soil conservation. With members in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Russia and Switzerland, the ECAF represents the interests of the majority of Europe's farmers.

The ECAF was created in Brussels on 14th January 1999 as a non-profit association subject to Belgian Law. It was conceived to promote the maintaining of agricultural land and the biodiversity thereof in the context of sustainable agriculture.

The ECAF coordinated the Life ENV99/E/308 project and participated as a beneficiary in Life04 ENV/E/269. The ECAF's Governing Board comprises members of recognised prestige on the subject of Conservation Agriculture (CA) and has participated in numerous projects and activities of impact in CA, being frequently consulted by public bodies such as the European Commission and the FAO on the subject of sustainable agriculture and natural resources.

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