ASAJA Sevilla

ASAJA Sevilla (the Young Farmers' Agricultural Association, formerly ASAGA, The Farmers and Cattle Breeders' Agricultural Association) was created in 1977 by Farmers and Cattle Breeders themselves for the defence and promotion of their interests and efficient development of the Industry. As a result, it includes individual Farmers and Cattle Breeders and small, medium and large companies and Associative Agricultural Entities, Cooperatives, Agricultural Transformation Companies, Societies, etc.

It therefore represents all types of agricultural and cattle breeding operations in an INDEPENDENT AND PROFESSIONAL way.

ASAJA Sevilla is the largest Professional Organisation both in the province of Seville and in Spain, which groups more than 250,000 farmers and cattle breeders spread over all of Spain's provinces and regions.

At the same time, ASAJA participates in the European Union through the Professional Agricultural Organisations Committee (COPA-Cogeca), an organisation that represents more than 10 million farmers and cattle breeders across Europe, which fully ensures the defence of agricultural and cattle breeding interests at all levels of decision-making.

ASAJA-Sevilla's goals are as follows:

  • The safeguarding and fighting for the progress of agriculture and the cattle industry.
  • The defence of the general interests of family-run agriculture and cattle breeding companies and of agricultural companies in general, and farmers and cattle breeders in particular.
  • To continue and improve production methods that protect nature.
  • To improve the quality of life of farmers and cattle breeders.
  • To develop and defend the principles of private enterprises and free markets.
  • The improvement of the organisation of agricultural companies and agricultural and cattle industry structures.
  • The defence of production using partnership formulas and the promotion of agricultural industrialisation and marketing.

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