The Life + Climagri Project present at the International Congress on Climate Change

The International Climate Change Congress (SOCC2017) took place in Huelva from 10 to 12 May, which included more than 50 national and international experts, 500 participants, more than 20 presentations and round-tables meetings and more than 30 exhibitors who showed their work, projects and experiences on climate change and environment, including the Life + Climagri Project.

The event, organized by the Department of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, the City of Huelva and the Deputation of Huelva, has been held at a decisive moment of the progress in the fight against Climate Change, when the commitments to face the problems that this phenomenon represents, are questioned by some of the most emitting countries such as the United States.

Within the framework of this congress, the presence of the Life + Climagri Project, highlighted the contribution that the agricultural sector can make to the fight against climate change, not only trying to mitigate it, but also trying to adapt to it. The focus of the publications demanded in this forum was to provide real solutions for climate change, explaining how the presented proposal could contribute to it.

Undoubtedly, the knowledge provided by the Life + Climagri Project, based on farms in Mediterranean countries, fulfills the purposes of this international event, showing results that, after two agricultural seasons, show how the good agricultural practices implemented within the framework of the project, among them, Conservation Agriculture, are able to mitigate climate change and favor the adaptation of irrigated crops to future climate scenarios expected in areas with Mediterranean climate.