The actions carried out during the project are expected to produce the following results:

  • Climate change should be mitigated in the area of action and influence of the project through the reduction of GHG and increased carbon sinking and crops should adapt better to the scenarios predicted as a result of global warming.
  • The European Network of Demonstration Farms, including at least 12 farms, serves as a sustainable agronomic management model, capable of mitigating climate change and favouring the adaptation of crops to the effects thereof.
  • The management system defined, based on the combination of Best Management Practices that mitigate climate change and favour the adaptation of crops to the effects thereof should be exportable to other irrigation agricultural operations in the Mediterranean Basin.
  • The knowledge generated, set out in the edited technical and scientific documentation and the reports produced, should serve to identify measures to be adopted in the European agriculture sector to reinforce the policies of adaptation to and the mitigation of climate change, improve the training of the agents involved and increase awareness of the need to adopt strategies aimed at the sustainability of agriculture ecosystems.